Sunday, January 18, 2009


INMINDS.COM has become an arsenal of sophisticated firepower that empowers the deprived and helps liberate the oppressed! We just have discovered this Site at from a concerned person who emailed us the “Boycott Israel” brochure. The Boycott information provided by INMINDS is enlightening and very powerful with its contentions backed-up by factual evidence.

Upon the resolve to help the Boycott campaign, we immediately launched our own “BOYCOTT ISRAEL! – Marawi Philippines” linking the site in our amateur homepage at and and on January 16, last Friday, we staged a protest rally against the slaughter in Gaza highlighting the call “Boycott Israel!” with over 5,000 flyers distributed in Marawi City in southern Philippines.

Anyone can help the Boycott campaign by its own little way. Taking the words of a Muslim cleric saying, “The least effort we could make… is to boycott all those who support (Israel war against innocent civilians)… as well as all the companies that help Israeli companies financially.”

Gaza is calling you, BOYCOTT ISRAEL NOW!

Cali Foundation-Philippines

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